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I am looking for accommodation in:

I have a room available inand the flat isI am looking for a room inor possiblyContact detailsFurther information
North TowersUndergraduateSouth CourtsUniversity Quays Adam
Currently in north towers and would want to move to south courts, or any other accom that is near north teaching centre that is not towers
North TowersUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Charles
North TowersPostgraduateNorth TowersNorth Towers Mohammed
want to move off campus ------
North TowersPostgraduateUniversity QuaysThe Meadows Leah
North TowersUndergraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Faizan
North TowersPostgraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Nat
North TowersUndergraduateThe MeadowsSouth Courts Marjama
North TowersUndergraduateThe HousesThe Copse Joanna Lyla
Don't mind moving to Meadows or South Courts
North TowersUndergraduateThe HousesThe Houses Anna
North TowersUndergraduateNorth TowersThe Houses Dorian
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Andrea
I am in a shared room, and would like to be in a single room.
South CourtsUndergraduateThe MeadowsSouth Courts Megan
I have a very friendly flat, and a lovely clean room available. Kitchen space is always kept clean and tidy and everyone is so easy to get along with and have a chat.
South CourtsUndergraduateThe CopseThe Copse Boyowa
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth TowersThe Copse Max
Flatmates have loud mates
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Anika
I am currently living in a shared room and I would like to live in a single room. this availability will be ideal for anyone looking to save money and is only applicable to females.
South CourtsUndergraduateThe HousesSouth Courts Max
South CourtsUndergraduateThe CopseThe Copse Zihui
South CourtsUndergraduateUniversity QuaysThe Meadows Evangelia
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Robert
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Ella
I want to transfer this accommodation, if you are interested please contact me.Moreover I can change it with you as well.
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth TowersSouth Towers Asia
+39 3493402955
I'm sharing a room in South Court and would like to move to South Towers. The room is pretty big and we have a private bathroom. The price of a double room is cheaper than a single one in South Courts.
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth TowersSouth Towers Asia
shared twin room
South CourtsUndergraduateThe HousesNorth Towers Fauziah
South CourtsUndergraduateThe CopseThe Copse Osarieme Veronica Olaedo
I would like to swap for a studio flat in The Copse.
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Ana
South CourtsUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Meadows Daniel
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Gabriel
South CourtsUndergraduateThe CopseThe Copse Yasmin
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Meadows Joanna
I'm currently in a shared room and am looking for a different room, preferably South Courts however will consider anywhere except Towers. Please contact me by email if you wish to swap.
South TowersUndergraduateUniversity QuaysWolfson Court Thai Duong
South TowersUndergraduateThe HousesUniversity Quays Lucija
South TowersUndergraduateThe HousesUniversity Quays Nika
South TowersUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Towers Ash
HI THERE I HAVE A ACCOMMODATION AVAILABE in south courts which is currently Vacant and need a new tenant asap. Plese contact me if u need a room inside the uni. 07944079330
South TowersUndergraduateThe MeadowsUniversity Quays Stefania
I'd prefer single ensuite premium
The CopseUndergraduateThe CopseThe Copse Victoria
I want to make a room/flat exchange in Copse accommodation only.
The CopseUndergraduateUniversity QuaysThe Meadows Jordan
Looking for single - ensuite,preference for the university quays.
The HousesUndergraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Olivia Jane
The HousesUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Ronan
I would like to move into a shared accommodation for my partner and I.
The HousesUndergraduateThe HousesSouth Courts Ronan
The HousesUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Copse Sadat
The HousesUndergraduateThe HousesNorth Towers Emma-Justine
The HousesUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Tope
Currently live in en-suite want to move to south courts preferably Harwich
The MeadowsUndergraduateSouth CourtsUniversity Quays YIRAN
I live in en-suite room in meadows, I hope I can move to south courts.
The MeadowsPostgraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Alastair
The only reason I'm looking to move is because of all the work placements I'll have next year (meaning that I'll hardly be around). The room has so much space, everyone keeps the flat clean and my flatmates are easy to get along with.
The MeadowsUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Brandon
I love my room at meadows especially the double bed and spacious kitchen! However I would like to be closer to Sub Zero and SU Bar where I have a part time job.
The MeadowsPostgraduateThe HousesUniversity Quays Milano
The MeadowsPostgraduateThe HousesUniversity Quays Milano
The MeadowsUndergraduateNorth TowersNorth Towers Scarlett
Hi, I am loving my accommodation however just simply cant afford it - lovely housemates and a great atmosphere
The MeadowsUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Houses Rifuh
The MeadowsUndergraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Sammy
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Anthony
I have an en suite room in quays and would like to swap for accommodation in south courts
University QuaysPostgraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Adeniyi
University QuaysUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Houses Chizimuzor
University QuaysUndergraduateThe HousesThe Meadows Anika
University QuaysUndergraduateThe HousesSouth Courts Ambrine
I have an ensuite room. There is a bathroom in it.
University QuaysUndergraduateUniversity QuaysThe Houses jessica
I have a double ensuite room in University Quays and I'm interested in exchanging my room for a single ensuite in University Quays.
University QuaysUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Copse Callum
University QuaysPostgraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Bruck Negash
Reasonable distance from the University, welcoming roommates, very quiet and cosy room
University QuaysPostgraduateNorth TowersNorth Towers Yang
Reasonable distance from the University, welcoming roommates, very quiet and cosy room.
University QuaysPostgraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Shuang
This flat has five rooms and large enough kitchen. There are two girls and two boys from China and Sudan. They are very quiet and friendly.