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I am looking for accommodation in:

I have a room available inand the flat isI am looking for a room inor possiblyContact detailsFurther information
South CourtsUndergraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Cruzal
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Meadows Tara
South CourtsUndergraduateThe CopseThe Meadows Ewan
Wanting an en-suite room in either the Copse or the Meadows.
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Nuo
I wish to move in to HAC12.1 Harwich Court.
South TowersUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Alois, Amine, Elias
South TowersUndergraduateThe PasturesThe Pastures Jayden
The CopseUndergraduateThe CopseThe Copse Daksh
The HousesUndergraduateSouth TowersSouth Towers Zainab
The PasturesUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Pastures Georgia
I currently have an en suite and would like to move to a room that also has one.
The PasturesUndergraduateThe PasturesThe Pastures Lohann
I would like to have my own bathroom and so, moving to another building from the Pastures seems like the best idea for me. I currently live in Briza House 3.14.
The PasturesUndergraduateThe PasturesThe Pastures Connie
Wish to move into Briza 2.9 - take an international students place when they leave for Christmas
The PasturesUndergraduateThe PasturesThe Copse Musarat
Looking for a studio at pastures or copse. Currently at a ensuite pastures sharing a kitchen with 8 others.
University QuaysUndergraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Sami
07508 146477
I currently have an ensuite in a male only flat and hoping to swap with someone to a gender mixed flat in University quays. Contact me by my number or email or socials s4mi.ze
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Daria
+44 7305 425526
My room is a double ensuite room
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Daniel