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I am looking for accommodation in:

I have a room available inand the flat isI am looking for a room inor possiblyContact detailsFurther information
North TowersUndergraduateNorth TowersNorth Towers Fuko
If I can, I would like to change 7th floor in William Morris Tower.
South CourtsUndergraduateThe HousesUniversity Quays Katherine
07784 777611
Wish to primarily move into a flat that is considered quiet, as I do like to spend time in my flat a lot.
South CourtsUndergraduateThe CopseThe Meadows Hollie-Mai
South CourtsUndergraduateThe CopseThe Meadows Yongjin
+86 18928700234
Hi I want to move into the bigger room, I don’t mind to share the kitchens, but I want to move into the premium room have a bigger size bed. You can contact by email or telephone:)
South TowersUndergraduateThe HousesWolfson Court Rafan
Hi , I am interested in moving to The Houses or Wolfson Court. I would also prefer to move to South Courts. If anyone of you is willing to exchange , Feel free to accept the offer. The apartment is in excellent condition :)
South TowersUndergraduateWolfson CourtThe Houses Lou-Ann
South TowersUndergraduateThe CopseThe Meadows Charlie
Flat I’m currently in is calm, good atmosphere but want a double bed. Ideally looking for Copse.
The CopseUndergraduateThe CopseThe Meadows Victoria
i would like to exchange my premium room for a studio at the copse
The HousesUndergraduateSouth TowersThe Meadows Ana
Hi, I'm interested to move to South Courts or The Meadows, both are fine. If anyone is willing to exchange rooms, the room is in good conditions and my current flatmates are really nice. Please email me or text me if you're interested.
The HousesUndergraduateNorth TowersNorth Towers Paul
Looking for a single room, cheapest available.
The MeadowsUndergraduateThe HousesThe Copse YuShang
MY ROOM IS SHARED FACILITY AND the biggest bed(double bed) in student accommodation. I am looking for house en-suite or studio, the copse also good news for me, just text me about more information.
University QuaysPostgraduateUniversity QuaysSouth Towers YOGESWARI
Willing to move to double ensuite room where someone is already having a vacant room
University QuaysUndergraduateThe CopseThe Meadows Stephan
hi, I have a double bedroom ensuite currently in University Quays. bedroom in pristine condition no damage. comes with 2 desks meaning ample space to study, also has a double bed and 2 windows. bus stop is just a stone's throw away from the flat and there are fast food places and corner shops available within a minutes' walk. Happy to book private viewings with students to see my room by just contacting me via number: 07492080237 or my Instagram spmillian. look for any room in the Copse and the Copse only. thanks - S