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I am looking for accommodation in:

I have a room available inand the flat isI am looking for a room inor possiblyContact detailsFurther information
South CourtsUndergraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Cruzal
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Meadows Tara
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Nuo
I wish to move in to HAC12.1 Harwich Court.
South TowersUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Alois, Amine, Elias
South TowersUndergraduateThe PasturesThe Pastures Jayden
The HousesUndergraduateSouth TowersSouth Towers Zainab
The PasturesUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Pastures Georgia
I currently have an en suite and would like to move to a room that also has one.
The PasturesUndergraduateThe PasturesThe Pastures Lohann
I would like to have my own bathroom and so, moving to another building from the Pastures seems like the best idea for me. I currently live in Briza House 3.14.
The PasturesUndergraduateThe PasturesThe Pastures Connie
Wish to move into Briza 2.9 - take an international students place when they leave for Christmas
The PasturesUndergraduateThe PasturesThe Copse Musarat
Looking for a studio at pastures or copse. Currently at a ensuite pastures sharing a kitchen with 8 others.
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Daniel