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Residence Life

Residence Life is an accommodation-based service to help make sure you gain a positive experience of living and learning. There is a Residents’ Assistant (RA) in each area of accommodation whose role is to get to know their residents, encourage communication and organise a range of social activities.

Residence Life operates outside of office hours when other University support services are closed. The RAs also respond to concerns and complaints residents may have.

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As well as being able to help with various problems or concerns, the Residents' Assistants also have information about other sources of help and support available on and off campus. Your Residents' Assistant will usually be able to assist you; however, on some occasions they may need to refer the matter to a Community Assistant or Residence Life Co-ordinator.

Out of hours times are:

  • Monday-Friday: 5pm-9am
  • weekends and public holidays: 24 hours

If you require immediate assistance, please contact the on call RA for your area using the telephone details below. If you are unable to get in touch with the on call RA, please contact Security using the details in the ‘Alternative Contacts’ section.

If you are experiencing any problems in your accommodation that do not require immediate assistance, please contact your RA. You will find all of your RA's contact details on the Residence Life poster on your kitchen noticeboard. Please also look at the .pdf documents in the 'Residence Life teams' section for the names of the Residents' Assistant for each area.

Colchester Campus


  • North 01206 874400
  • South Towers 01206 874202
  • South Courts 01206 874600
  • The Copse 01206 874500
  • The Meadows 01206 874200
  • University Quays 01206 874300


Southend Campus

If you need to contact Residence Life, please speak to security by going to University Square Reception or calling 07920821678.


During University vacations Residence Life operates a reduced service using only Community Assistants. They can be contacted through the area on-call numbers listed in the ‘Term time’ section.

If you have tried to contact a member of Residence Life but have been unsuccessful please call the appropriate office below - they will be able to contact a member of Residence Life for you:

  • Central Colchester Campus - Information Centre 01206 872125
  • Colchester Quays or Meadows - Quays and Meadows security 07460 373172
  • Southend Campus - Southend security 01702 328408

If a you are dissatisfied with the response you receive from a Residents' Assistant you should initially contact the email account for your area and they will investigate the complaint and respond accordingly. The Residence Life Co-ordinator for the area will ensure that your complaint is dealt with. If you remain dissatisfied then your complaint should be emailed to and addressed to the Senior Residence Life Coordinator.

Residence Life operates within the Student Services Hub confidentiality policy (.pdf).

RAs are undergraduate or postgraduate students who are recruited and trained to prepare them for taking up the role - the main recruitment period is during the Spring Term but vacancies do occasionally arise at other times of the year.

Teams of RAs are supervised by Community Assistants (CAs). Each area is managed by a Residence Life Co-ordinator (RLC):

North Campus (North Towers, The Houses and Wolfson Court) and The Copse

South Courts and South Towers

University Quays and The Meadows

University Square, Southend Campus

The Reslife team

The Reslife team

Working for Residence Life

Residence Life recruitment for RAs and Senior RAs for Colchester and Southend has now closed for the 2019-20 academic year.