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Allocation of accommodation

Important documents

Our Allocation Policy sets out how we will allocate accommodation for different types of student and our Terms and Conditions form part of a legally binding contract between students and the University in relation to the rental of accommodation.

If you are allocated accommodation you will enter into a legal contract with Accommodation Essex and you will be liable to pay the rent for your room for the full term of the contract.
Please read our terms carefully before accepting any offer of accommodation:

Contact your Student Services Hub if you have any queries relating to accommodation applications.

Offer and acceptance

An offer of a room allocation will be sent to you electronically using the email address that you have given on your application form. You will be required to accept the allocation electronically and will be given a deadline to accept the offer.

Cooling-off period

By accepting your offer you will be forming a contract with us. You will have a 7 day 'cooling off' period from the date that you accept the offer - as long as you have not yet collected your key. After this period, the contract is binding under English Law and our terms and conditions will apply.

You cannot give notice

Your contract with us is of fixed duration. You will not have the right to serve notice to quit.

Withdrawing or intermitting

There is a withdrawal procedure that must be followed if you decide, for personal or academic reasons, to withdraw permanently or temporarily (intermit) from the University.

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students who wish to complete their course work elsewhere will not normally be released from their accommodation agreement. Those students who wish to complete their dissertation away from Essex will remain liable for their rent until the end of the tenancy.

The accommodation agreement

The accommodation agreement that applies to the occupancy of a room in University-owned or administered accommodation comes in two parts:

Letter of Allocation

When you accept your offer of accommodation you will be issued with a Letter of Allocation showing your University address, the accommodation charges and statutory legal notices such as the circumstances under which the University could seek to evict a tenant.

This Letter of Allocation is also your invoice and will include payment dates for your accommodation.

Terms and conditions

The Terms and conditions of residence and University Residence Regulations, referred to in the Letter of Allocation give details of the terms of the tenancy agreement. Students in self-contained accommodation have a Notice of Account and a contract that includes the legal notices.

By accepting the offered room and the terms and conditions you will be entering into a legally binding contract which is governed by English law. Please make sure you have read and fully understood the information in the terms and conditions before accepting your allocation.

Charges and payments

Accommodation charges will apply from the date the agreement begins. If the keys are collected after the date shown on the letter of allocation, the specified charge will still apply. It is not possible to move into the room earlier than the date shown.

Withdrawing from the University

If the room is vacated before the end of the letting term by withdrawing from the University, accommodation charges will still apply up to the date that keys are returned, or your withdrawal date, whichever is later. So, please make sure you return your keys when you vacate the room. If you do not return your keys or delay returning your keys, you will still be charged for the room.