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About this LARG website

Congo map photoThis website was designed and created by Peter L. Patrick, working under the very helpful guidance and expertise of Web Development Officer Janine Morgan of the University of Essex Web and Learning Technology staff (who did all the difficult technical bits!). Content and appearance advice came from members of the LARG Advisory Panel and Convenors, especially Diana Eades and Maaike Verrips.

The website is initially funded by the ESRC LADO Network through Research Seminars grant (RES-451-26-0911), in order to disseminate results of the ESRC LADO Network series of meetings, and is to be maintained by donations from LARG members. You can join LARG to help support it.

Photo Credits

Most of the photos and illustrations on the website, including a couple of maps, come from the professional agency istock. A few are, as far as I am able to determine, public domain images.

Language Map Credits

We have used language maps in order to illustrate something well-known to empirical linguists, namely, how complex the distribution of speakers and languages is across both social and geographical space and place. This complexity is a master fact informing the caution with which scientifically-trained linguists characteristically approach LADO.

Webpage Map Source
/Default West Africa, section istock
/about/convenors Mande languages Created by V Vydrin, T Bergman & M Benjamin. Copyright 2002 SIL. Usage falls within SIL/Ethnologue's Fair Use guidelines.
/about/panel Boraana Oromo, E Africa, GIS image Ljuba Veselinova, Stockholm University. Permission granted.
/about/join Amazonian languages Athena Review,
/contact Iranian languages Wikimedia Commons, author Tajik. P.d.
/events/conferences Caucasus languages, paper map photo source unknown, help requested
/events/news N Africa languages Permission requested.
/events/blog Afghanistan languages  Center for Afghanistan Studies, U Nebraska Omaha - cannot trace. Access:
/links SeaWinds radar image via QuikSCAT satellite, 1 Aug 1999, NASA JPL
/resources/papers SE Asian languages Permission requested. 
/resources/case-law Middle Eastern languages Permission requested.
/resources/guidelines Magnifier/MidEast photo istock
/about/web DR Congo on globe, photo istock