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Management reflections

Management Reflections is aimed at managers with 3 years’ or more experience of management. It provides opportunities, in safe and supportive environments, for managers to reflect on their leadership and management styles and those of others. Using a combination of 360 degree feedback, facilitated feedback from observers and peers, self-reflection and coaching, Management Reflections enables managers to develop an action plan for their further development. Previous participants said: The programme is very useful, engaging and thought-provoking. I learnt more about myself and how I approach management and tasks as an individual. How different approaches can work for different tasks. I liked the fact that activities weren't working- (or pseudo-work) related but were interesting physical and logical thinking based tasks. Interesting watching other people interacting during some difficult challenges. Plenty to reflect on from the subsequent discussions Really useful – the tasks were a great way of using & assessing leadership styles outside of a work context. – it was a refreshingly different way to consider leadership and management. I’m looking forward to recommending some people on my team who have management responsibilities within their roles. Management Reflections consists of a one-day workshop, a 1:1 360 debrief and a half-day follow-up and action planning session. This is not appropriate for participants who have already attended Management development centre in June 2017. After the learning event, participants will have the opportunity to participate in an optional Action Learning set. This programme also includes the opportunity to attend 2 action learning sets. Please search for Action Learning: Management Reflections on HR Organiser and book your place. If spaces are available, please click on the white space below. ONLY add yourself to the waiting list if the date/s are not convenient