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Your studies and Tier 4

Resits, Resubmission, Viva

Although the Board of Examiners may have given you options under the Rules of Assessment, some options are not always an option for Tier 4 students who would need to apply for further Tier 4 leave because of academic failure.

There are a maximum number of years you can spend in the UK studying so any changes to your studies that will result in you spending longer than planned obtaining your qualification must be considered very carefully.

If you have a Tier 4 visa, the University is required to report changes in your studies to the Home Office. The University is only able to sponsor you under Tier 4 (General) for the periods that you are required to be in attendance. You should leave the UK when you are not required to attend and will usually have to apply for fresh entry clearance before you return.

Students who have an old rules student visa (a student visa that was applied for before 31 March 2009) should not remain in the UK during periods they are not studying. Different rules apply to you, please seek immigration advice immediately from the International Services Team.

Resitting exams (out of residence)

Students who are offered resits out of residence will not be required to attend until the first exam in the summer term of the next academic year. You should leave the UK during this period. If you have a valid Tier 4 (General) visa it will be curtailed (cut short) by the Home Office and won't be valid for travel back to the UK.

Most students will need to apply for entry clearance overseas to return to the UK to take their resit exam(s). If your studies will have finished once you have taken your exam(s) you could apply to return to the UK as a short-term student provided you can meet all the Home Office requirements. A short-term student is usually able to remain in the UK for a maximum of six months or until they have finished their studies, whichever is sooner. Short-term students cannot work or apply to extend their visa from within the UK. Non-visa nationals can apply for entry as a short-term student at the UK border. Further information is available in our 'applying for a visa' section.

The University does not sponsor students under Tier 4 (General) when they are only required to resit exams so will not issue a CAS for this purpose. If there are reasons why you feel you need to apply to return under Tier 4 (General) you should seek immigration advice from the International Services Team.

Repeating the year or repeating modules part time

It's not always possible for you to take these options if they're offered to you by the Board of Examiners. This is because of the Tier 4 rules regarding the maximum length of time you can spend studying in the UK either below degree level or at degree level and above.

If you're not required to attend in all three terms then our University can't sponsor you under Tier 4 for the periods you're not required to attend. If you only need to attend for up to six months you may have to return as a short-term student.

If you have been offered repeat the year or modules part time in all three terms and your current Tier 4 visa is not long enough to cover the extended course duration, please contact the International Services Team immediately to request a CAS.

If you're eligible for a CAS you should make your Tier 4 application before you return for the next academic year. If you're repeating during that year you should be able to make the application in the UK. However, you may choose to make the application overseas.

We recommend you read our applying for the visa section of these pages and seek advice as necessary. If you are hoping to extend your Tier 4 visa from inside the UK we highly recommend you seek advice from SU Advice and use their check and send service.

If you are unsure what you should do and want advice about your choices seek advice from the International Services Team by completing our online enquiry form.

Resubmission of dissertation – Postgraduate taught students

Postgraduate taught students who are offered the opportunity to resubmit their dissertation are not required to be present at the University and can submit online. Therefore, if your Tier 4 visa expires before you are due to submit your dissertation the University will not able to sponsor you under Tier 4 and would not be able to issue a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies). You must leave the UK by the date your visa expires or have made a valid application for further leave to remain.

Attending your Viva Voce – PhD students

If your student visa expires before your Viva is scheduled you will not be required to attend during this period and will not be eligible to apply for a CAS to extend your Tier 4 (General) visa. You may be able to apply to return for your Viva Voce as a short-term student. Please seek immigration advice from the International Services Team.

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