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Tier 4 - Exam Board decisions

In the event that you can’t proceed directly into the next stage of your course and must repeat or resit part or all of the year, your Tier 4 visa is likely to be affected and during periods of non-attendance you will have to leave the UK.

It is not always possible for a Tier 4 student to take up an option given by an Exam Board if you will need further Tier 4 leave. The University is not always able to continue to sponsor students who fail due to the Home Office rules and guidance regarding attendance and academic progression. In addition, there is a limit to the number of repeats/resits you can do and a maximum amount of time you can spend studying in the UK at degree level of 5 years. If you require additional Tier 4 leave you’ll need to request a new CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies), we will undertake all necessary checks as outlined in the Home Office rules and guidance at the time and we cannot guarantee to issue a CAS.

Please note: It is your responsibility to check what effect the option you choose will have on your immigration status now and in the future if further Tier 4 leave would be required.

Exam Board decisions

This quick guide (.pdf) tells what usually happens regarding your Tier 4 immigration status depending on the outcome you choose. Further failure will lead to a different outcome which must be checked at the time of those outcomes.

Calculating your Tier 4 visa time - degree level

We recommend you use (the Home Office use this calculator)

  • Enter start date: The date your Tier 4 (General) entry clearance vignette was valid from or your 18th birthday, if you turned 18 after the date your visa was valid from.
  • Enter end date: The date your new Tier 4 (General) visa should expire (if you are eligible to apply).

For UG students your visa should expire 4 months after the end of the main examination period in your final year. For instance, for 2017/2018 this would be 8 June 2018 so we would expect your visa to expire on the 8 October 2018.


  • Tier 4 (General) visa time spent studying a degree course before this either with us or at another UK institution, after the age of 18.

This will give you 'Your total time studying'.

Further guidance is available on these pages, if you have a question or need further advice please contact our International Services team.