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Read our latest cutting-edge economic research papers in the Essex Research Repository. Explore our publications and see the wide range of fields we cover.

Leaders in economics

Our team of creative and committed academics look at how economics touches every part of our lives through contemporary and globally relevant issues.

There's always something fascinating going on in our department, from regular lively debates in seminars, workshops and conferences to cutting-edge papers being published in leading journals.

Areas of specialism

The variety of our research enables us to offer a great choice of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as giving our expert advice to local, national and international organisations and policy makers.

Prominent economists

Our department has been home to some of the most prominent economists in the world, including:


Our academics are often featured in the press and broadcast media, giving their views on a range of topical subjects from the cost of binge drinking to how the Greek debt crisis unfolded.

Discussion papers

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Our academics regularly publish discussion papers exploring many topics in economics, from micro and macroeconomics to game theory and applications. They also write papers in collaboration with academics from other institutions.


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Researchers and PhD students can conduct experiments in our state-of-the-art social science lab, ESSEXLab. Offering modern facilities and a large participant database that you can filter to suit your study, it has everything you need.

UROP placements

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Our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme gives you the chance to help an academic with a research project. You'll learn new skills to enhance your CV and get paid a bursary.

PhD job candidates

Find out about the candidates in our department, including their market papers, research interests and CVs. We support all our PhD students when looking for jobs to get their dream career after Essex.