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Dependants of international students

Studying in the UK

This advice applies to dependants of international students, who have been issued with a dependants visa:

Adult dependants are able to study either full-time or (unlike the student) part-time. Dependant partners of full time overseas students who choose to study a part-time masters degree with us, may be eligible for home fees.

Child dependants are able to study full- or part-time. If they are aged 16 or under they can go to state schools without paying any fees and may be able to remain at a school until 18 if they started their education there at 16 or under. Further information for student parents and about is available on our website.

Working in the UK

Adult dependants who have been issued with dependant visas are able to work provided they have been given a condition that allows them to work. If the dependants visa states 'No work' or Work prohibited' then they cannot work at all. If dependants are allowed to work there is no restriction on the type of work or hours.

Paying Council Tax

If you are living in University accommodation no Council Tax will be due. If you are living in private accommodation and all your dependants have dependant visas they should not be liable to pay Council Tax.

International Women's Society

Based at the Colchester Campus, this society is open to all female relatives of students and staff at the University. The aim is to promote friendship and understanding between nations. Meetings take place regularly during term time and have a varied programme of events such as talks, craft demonstrations and outings. For more information contact the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy or Friends International.

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