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TitleExcel: further functions
CategoryDigital Skills
OverviewIMPORTANT UPDATE In response to COVID-19 this training is now being delivered remotely using Zoom. Please make sure you install Zoom prior to the training session. Visit the Zoom web page for instructions: PREPARATION FOR THE TRAINING The Zoom link is: Task workbook: This training is delivered using Excel 2016. Participants wanting to follow along, should make sure they have the software installed before the session starts. Essex members can find instructions for downloading the software for free onto your personal device at: OUTLINE Improve the efficiency and productivity of your Spreadsheets by learning how to construct functions, manipulate data and format outputs. In this training session, you’ll work through a series of exercises using the following: - Autofill, paste special and format painter - Tables vs named ranges - Relative vs absolute referencing - Basic functions eg SUM, MAX, MIN, DATE eg TODAY() - Concatenate / text to tables - IF functions eg IF, SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIF etc - Strings eg LEFT, MID, RIGHT - VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP For those submitting CADENZA applications/PGCHEP portfolios, these sessions map to the following: UKPSF areas of activities: A2, K4 JISC framework: 1, 2 If spaces are available, please click on the white space below. ONLY add yourself to the waiting list if the date/s are not convenient.
Learning outcomes
  • Learn how to use some basic excel functions such as paste special, naming cell ranges and concatenate
  • Learn how to create a basic VLOOKUP
  • Learn how to apply basic formulas such as SUMIF, COUNTIF
Book Event 1
PresenterSally Swaine
LocationITex2 Task Booklet-
CampusColchester Campus
Date and time10:00 to 12:00 Tuesday 7 December 2021
Available places9
Booking instructions
University of Essex employeeUse the link provided above to book your place via HR Organiser.
Partner institutionPlease discuss with your point of contact at your Partner Institution in the first instance.
Student Union contractors; PhD studentsPlease contact the Organisational Development team.