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TitleExamining doctoral candidates
OverviewExamining the Doctorate A Blended workshop – in 3 parts. Maintaining the National standards of the highest degree that our institutions award is an enormous responsibility given that we also wish to be fair and supportive to candidates who have invested at least 3 years of their lives undertaking their doctoral research work. This workshop intends to give a productive space to prepare or review your approach to examining (as either the Internal or External Examiner) Doctoral students. Target Audience This workshop is aimed at both colleagues who are about to examine their first doctoral student and for more experienced examiners who wish to understand more about the way examinations are conducted at Essex and in other UK and international institutions. Learning Outcomes At the end of the workshop participants will be able to: • Clarify who can and who should examine? • Detail the examination process and know what the job entails • Consider what should be explored before agreeing to examine • Appreciate the differences in being an Internal and External Examiner • Discuss how to prepare effectively for an examination o Knowledge of the required standards o How to read the Thesis o How to approach the viva examination • Prepare to conduct an oral examination Outline Programme The workshop programme is as follows: • Introductions to the role and responsibilities of an examiner • What would you look for in an examiner? • What does the job entail and the process involve? • What should you ask before agreeing to examine? • Considering the assessment criteria and standards • Hearing the experiences of an experienced examiner • How to read a Thesis • How to prepare to conduct a viva examination Workshop Design The workshop consists of 3 elements – engaging with all three components is required. 1. Viewing 5 short videos covering key topics Asynchronous 2. Completing a set of short, individual tasks Asynchronous 3. Attend a 75-minute synchronous de-brief meeting Synchronous NB – The videos and tasks must be studied before attending the synchronous de-brief meeting Synopsis The workshop aims to explore the ways in which staff can prepare to act as examiners for a PhD candidate and provide input on processes, procedures and approaches. The workshop will include guidance and discussion on how to read the written submission (usually a Thesis) and formulate questions, how to prepare for the viva and ensure that the Doctoral level criteria have been met Facilitator Dr Kate Exley. Kate is a Senior Academic Staff Development Officer at The University of Leeds and an Independent Consultant in Higher Education Development. She has delivered workshops and undertaken projects at more than 50 HE, FE, Medical and Research Institutions in the UK and internationally and she is series editor of the prestigious Routledge book series “Key Guides for Effective Teaching in Higher Education”. She is a Senior Fellow of SEDA and Advance HE and was awarded a National Teaching Fellow in 2008.
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    PresenterKate Exley
    CampusColchester Campus
    Date and time10:30 to 12:00 Tuesday 12 November 2024
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