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Colonialism, Slavery, Trade, Reparations
Remedying the 'Past'?

Teaching resources

We have collected a series of resources that can be useful to educators wishing to address the topics of colonialism, slavery, the slave trade and reparations. These teaching resources are divided into thematic categories. A good treatment of the topics and the debates surrounding slavery and reparations can be found in Fernne Brennanís syllabus (word document).

A collection of resources on the topics can also be found on the UNESCOís site dedicated to the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition.

Educators might also wish to visit the UNESCO Slave Route Project and the educational resources developed by the ASPnet Transatlantic Slave Trade (TST) Education Project.

The National Archives research guide provides with an overview of the main sources related to the British transatlantic slave trade to be found at The National Archives

For legal and academic sources, please refer to our useful resources section.