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Senior staff expenses at the University of Essex

The University publishes expenses for the following members of senior staff: Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Executive Deans, Registrar and Secretary, Director of Finance, and Chief of Staff.

At present publication is only of those expenses incurred in the course of managerial roles, and not those arising from academic research. In general we do not ask academics to account for their research spending through this channel: there are other ways in research spending is accounted for.

Expenses will include out of pocket expenses and items paid for with corporate credit cards. Travel, accommodation and other items booked and paid for on behalf of members of the senior team are included, but these are not out of pocket expenses.

Expenses are published quarterly in line with our financial year, which starts on 1 August and runs to 31 July.

The University is mindful both of the need for value for money and also our carbon footprint. Where possible staff at all levels use email, Skype, phone or video conference and other methods to ensure that they can engage with a wide range of people and organisations while reducing the amount of travel they do.

Different senior staff have different roles and functions. Some of them are necessarily focussed in on the University, while others need to engage more widely beyond the University, the county, or even the country. This is reflected in the expenses that staff claim.

Senior staff expenses 2019-20

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