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Project governance

Project governance is the management of the framework in which project decisions are made. With a wide range of complex, high value, innovative and transformational projects underway across Essex, there is even greater reliance on the framework to lay the foundation for robust governance structures. The Governance Office ensures that the decision making framework is logical, robust, repeatable and most importantly, adhered to so that decision makers get the right information, presented in the right way and at the right time to make effective decisions.

There are two main project committees Project Coordination Group (PCG), and Capital Planning Group (CPG), along with a number of sub-groups who provide the project governance here at the University. The relationship between the various project governance committees and who they report too is explained in our Committee Structure chart (.pdf, Essex users only).

This project governance operates as part of the Project Management Framework.

Committee structure

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Our Committee Structure (.pdf, Essex users only) for projects will help you to make sense of the relationships between the various project related committees and the reporting structure they all follow.

Project approval process

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Our project approval process (.pdf, Essex users only) is really simple and easy to follow, with three decision gates, four project stages and five key project documents, it’s as easy as 3, 4, 5!

Project process flow

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Don't be confused about who approves what and when on your project. The project process flow (.pdf, Essex users only) is clearly defined here, and takes you right from an initial project idea to closing a project.

PMF Framework guide

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The Project Management Framework (PMF) guide (.pdf, Essex users only) walks you through the entire project approval process, from how to fill in a mandate, right through to closing your project.