Contents of Measure Theory, by D.H.Fremlin

Appendix to Volume 4

4A1 Set theory
Cardinals; closed cofinal sets and stationary sets; Δ-system lemma; free sets; Ramsey's theorem; the Marriage Lemma again; filters; normal ultrafilters; Ostaszewski's ♣; the size of σ-algebras.

4A2 General topology
Glossary; general constructions; Fσ, Gδ, zero and cozero sets; weight; countable chain condition; separation axioms; compact and locally compact spaces; Lindelöf spaces; Stone-Cech compactifications; uniform spaces; first-countable, sequential, countably tight, metrizable spaces; countable networks; second-countable spaces; separable metrizable spaces; Polish spaces; order topologies; Vietoris and Fell topologies.

4A3 Topological σ-algebras
Borel σ-algebras; measurable functions; hereditarily Lindelöf spaces; second-countable spaces; Polish spaces; ω1; Baire σ-algebras; product spaces; compact spaces; spaces of càdlàg functions; Baire-property algebras; cylindrical σ-algebras.

4A4 Locally convex spaces
Linear topological spaces; locally convex spaces; Hahn-Banach theorem; normed spaces; inner product spaces; max-flow min-cut theorem.

4A5 Topological groups
Group actions; topological groups; uniformities; quotient groups; metrizable groups.

4A6 Banach algebras
Stone-Weierstrass theorem (fourth form); multiplicative linear functionals; spectral radius; invertible elements; exponentiation; Arens multiplication.

4A7 `Later editions only'
Items recently interpolated into other volumes.

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