Contents of Measure Theory, by D.H.Fremlin

Chapter 42: Descriptive set theory

421 Souslin's operation
Souslin's operation; is idempotent; as a projection operator; Souslin-F sets; *constituents.

422 K-analytic spaces
Usco-compact relations; K-analytic sets; and Souslin-F sets; First Separation Theorem; *constituents of co-K-analytic sets.

423 Analytic spaces
Analytic spaces; are K-analytic spaces with countable networks; Souslin-F sets; Borel measurable functions; injective images of Polish spaces; countably generated σ-algebras of Borel sets; non-Borel analytic sets; a von Neumann-Jankow selection theorem; *constituents of coanalytic sets.

424 Standard Borel spaces
Basic properties; isomorphism types; subspaces; Borel measurable actions of Polish groups.

*425 Realization of automorphisms
Extending group actions; Törnquist's theorem.

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