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Microfiction is a story written in ten words or fewer. In the 1920s Ernest Hemingway wrote "For sale. Baby shoes. Never used." He claimed it was the best story he had ever written.


Through our microfiction workshop series,, you'll use microfiction to learn to write concisely. This skill is vital when writing essays and dissertations and the workshops encourage you to think about the importance of every word, and to consider ways to express yourself in fewer words.

The series consists of three one-hour sessions and will next be held during Welcome Week.

  • Workshop 1: write.good

    Graphic image of microfiction logo write.good is about communicating big ideas in as few words as possible. You will be introduced to the idea of microfiction through explanation and examples. You are presented with a series of artefacts or objects and invited to choose one and describe it in a context (100 words), creating a narrative around it. You will then be challenged to reduce that narrative to its essential elements with the main idea being communicated in a single sentence.

    The key principles of the programme are introduced: economy, clarity, confidence, control, conviction, explicitness, editing and creativity.

    Feedback from previous participants

    • "Transformed my approach to essay writing."
    • "It made me look at writing in a whole new way."
    • "Learnt lots. Had fun. Am more confident."
    • "Helpful. Satisfying. Can't wait for the next session."
    • "I gained so much from it."
    • "Helpful, interesting, and very entertaining."

  • Workshop 2: read.good

    Graphic image of microfiction logo read.good is about extracting big ideas. You are introduced to the microfiction approach to writing in reverse. You will be provided with a section of a complex text, and invited to express the main idea of each paragraph in a single sentence. You will then condense those sentences into a single sentence that communicates the main argument of the text.

    Feedback from previous participants

    • "Helped me understand other's ideas at a much greater level."
    • "Condensing that which is already condensed is brilliant and beneficial."
    • "Helpful. Useful. Recommended."

  • Workshop 3: think.good

    Graphic image of microfiction logo think.good is about organising big ideas. You are introduced to an essay question and asked to choose an artefact from a selection available and write a brief description of it based on the subject of the essay. You will then learn to distill your ideas into three main points and finally distill your argument into one single idea.

    Feedback from previous participants

    • "Great for preparing for exams, and helps to make questions easier."
    • "Helped me to develop plans for essays."

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