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You can access LEAP using your Essex login
(no and your usual password here or via MyEssex and PocketEssex. Look out for the LEAP icon!

The University of Essex is currently trying out a new tool called LEAP (Learner Engagement Activity Portal). LEAP will show what you have been up to at university recently. LEAP will show you your engagement with Moodle, university computers, Faser, Listen Again and attendance. Every day LEAP calculates your average engagement for the last 7 days based on your engagement activities and you will be assigned 1 of 5 engagement indicators.

To find out more about the engagement indicators and LEAP, please read how LEAP can help you (.pdf).

LEAP focuses on what you do rather than who you are.

Your tutors and other staff in your department will also see this information and may use it to:

  • suggest ways you could achieve better outcomes
  • check that all is well and offer information, advice and guidance
  • help you in areas of your studies that you are finding a challenge

Who can access LEAP?

Currently only the following can access LEAP:

  • Essex Business School (first year students)
  • BA English Literature (first, second and third year students)
  • BSc Marine Biology (first, second and third year students)
  • BSc Biological Sciences (first, second and third year students)

Do you have a choice about being involved in LEAP?

Yes, you can choose not to be contacted by your tutor or other University staff as a result of engagement or activity information as displayed within LEAP. To let us know that you would like to opt out, please contact us by email at with your name, PRID number and course and year of study.

It would also be very helpful if you could tell us why you are opting out. You can choose not to access the LEAP system to view your own activities, simply ignore the LEAP icons. Please note that your data will still be gathered and used as per the University’s current data protection and privacy policies.

Further information


If you are concerned with any of the data or would like to query your engagement indicators, please email and we'll be happy to help.