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Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct is built on the principle that all students are expected to maintain a standard of conduct which supports the University’s commitment to excellence in education and scholarship, and promotes good order and the good name and reputation of the University.

In an accepting an offer of a place at the University, you have agreed to be bound by the University’s rules and regulations which include the Code of Student Conduct. You should familiarise yourself fully with the Code.

  • Reporting incidents to the Proctor

    If you have a complaint against a student, you should complete an Incident Report Form. Completed forms should be submitted to the Student Progress Team either by email to or by hand to the Student Services Hub on the first floor of the Silberrad Student Centre for investigation by the Proctor. Following the submission of your incident report and the gathering of any other appropriate information, a decision will be made on what action the University will take. You will not normally be advised of the outcome of your report unless special arrangements need to be put in place to minimise contact between the parties involved.

  • Attending a meeting with the Proctor

    All students must take correspondence from the Student Progress Team very seriously. The Proctor has the power to request a meeting with you for any purpose connected with a case under investigation. This meeting takes precedence over all other academic and social engagements. You may be required to attend a meeting for example, if the Proctor believes you are the accused, the complainant, or a witness to an incident or a pattern of behaviour exhibited by another student.

    Prior to the meeting it is important that familiarise yourself fully with the Code of Student Conduct.

    If you're required to meet with the Proctor, you will usually be notified a week before the appointment is due to take place. If you have an overriding and genuine reason why you cannot attend a meeting that has been arranged with the Proctor, you must contact the Student Progress Team at least 24 hours before the time of the appointment to make alternative arrangements.

    Failure to attend an appointment without good reason, or without notifying the Student Progress Team at least 24 hours in advance, will result in a fine of £25 for each missed appointment. Repeated failure to attend meetings or unauthorised absence from a meeting will result in either the Proctor proceeding in your absence, including the imposition of an appropriate penalty where necessary or a referral of the matter to the Student Conduct Officer for consideration by a Student Conduct Committee.

  • Criminal investigations and convictions

    You are required to notify the Proctor immediately of any conviction of a criminal offence in a court of law or formal caution for a criminal offence by a police officer. For the purposes of internal disposal, a conviction includes being put on probation being given absolute or conditional discharges, being bound over or being given a formal caution. You need not declare parking or speeding offences which are subject to fixed penalties. Failure to declare a criminal conviction is in itself a breach of University Conduct Regulations.

    The Code of Student Conduct provides a full explanation of the procedures that will be applied following your notification to the Proctor.

  • Appealing a decision of the Proctor or a Student Conduct Committee

    The Code of Student Conduct provides a full explanation of the accepted grounds for appeal and the process that will be followed once an appeal has been submitted.

    Completed appeal forms should be submitted to the Student Progress Team at within ten working days of the date on the letter containing the official notification of the outcome of conduct proceedings.

  • Advice, support and guidance

    You have the right to be accompanied at any stage during the Student Conduct Procedures by a fellow student, member of staff or a representative of SU Advice, which provides independent advice, support, guidance and representation for students. Non-members of the University and legal representatives are not permitted to be present at any stage of the conduct process.

  • Volunteering for the Student Conduct Panel

    Student Conduct Committees are made up of two academic staff members and one student member drawn from the Student Conduct Panel. Student volunteers are recruited to the Panel on an annual basis and aside from finding your involvement in the process interesting; you would also gain some valuable transferable skills that could be used during and beyond your studies and also make a valuable contribution to University life. Participation is also recognised by the Students Union’s v Team.

    Membership of the Panel shouldn’t take up too much of your time. A student Conduct Committee usually lasts around two hours and we have in the region of 16 per academic year. In a busy academic year it is unlikely that you would be expected to sit on more than four committees over the year.

    If you are selected as a volunteer, you will be required to attend an initial training session and observe a minimum of two committees before you will be ready to sit on a committee yourself. The experience of members contributes greatly towards the panel functioning well and so it is hoped that you will remain a volunteer for the duration of your studies.

    Applications to join are advertised as and when vacancies occur.

Student Handbooks

In addition, your departmental Student Handbook will outline in detail many of the academic-related matters you need to know about. These handbooks also include information about academic offences, such as plagiarism, and issues relating to examinations.

Contact us

All enquiries and correspondence to the Proctor and Student Conduct Officer should initially be addressed to:

Student Progress Team

University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ

Telephone 01206 874370

Please visit the Student Services Hub at our Colchester Campus


The Student Progress Team co-ordinates all aspects of the administration and delivery of the Student Code of Conduct across all University campuses and services the Student Conduct Panel. The office is also responsible for managing the records relating to non-student exclusions from property or land owned by the University and the Procedure for Dealing with Prospective Essex Abroad Students with a record of Serious Misconduct.

Student Progress Team:

  • Senior Student Progress Manager, Rebecca Funnell
  • Student Conduct Officer, Penny Brearey-Horne
  • Proctor, Roy Clark
  • Student Progress Assistant (Student Conduct), Helen Reynolds