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Departmental Disability Liaison Officers

The Departmental Disability Liaison Officer (DDLO) is a direct link for you between the Student Services Hub and your department. They can help make sure that the Disability Service know about any adjustments you need.

Department Disability Liaison Officer Telephone Email
American Studies Olivia Jenkinson 01206 873914
Biological Sciences Murray Griffin 01206 873336
Computing and Electronic Systems Francisco Sepulveda 01206 874151
East 15, Loughton Salvatore Sorce 020 8418 7346
East 15, Southend Teresa Zoers 01206 878325
Economics Marcus Chambers 01206 872756
Essex Abroad Vicky Pratt 01206 873565
Essex Business School, Colchester Winifred Huang- Meier 01206 872935
Essex Business School, Southend Marianna Marra 01702 328406
Essex Pathways Department Audrey Woraker 01206 874206
Government Theresa Crowley 01206 873486
Health and Human Sciences, Colchester Teresa Eade 01206 874557
Health and Human Sciences, Southend Paul Buka 01702 328426
History Amanda Flather 01206 872311
Human Rights Centre Penny Breary-Horne 01206 873723
Interdisciplinary Studies Centre Steve Gormley 01206 872709
Language and Linguistics Christina Gkonou 01206 872633
Law Penny Brearey-Horne 01206 873723
Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies John Gillies 01206 872609
Mathematical Sciences Aris Perperoglou 01206 873036
Philosophy and Art History Steve Gormley 01206 872709
Psychology Dean Wybrow 01206 874179
Psychoanalytic Studies, Centre of Elena Della Rosa 01206 873903
Sociology Rowena Macaulay 01206 873743

  • Role of the Departmental Disability Liaison Officer

    The Departmental Disability Liaison Officer:

    • has a knowledge of the subject area you are studying and the structure of the department
    • can provide advice about the University’s specialist support services
    • can act as a link between the department and the Student Services Hub
    • is available if you wish to disclose or initially discuss your needs with them
    • can liaise with lecturers if you are worried, or embarrassed, about talking to them about disability related difficulties
    • can assist if you feel the reasonable adjustments recommended are not being implemented by the department
    • can provide advice if you are experiencing problems with your academic progress as a result of a permanent or temporary disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty and who will be able to find out about the options available to you
    • will listen to your concerns confidentially

  • Section Disability Liaison Officers

    In addition to Departmental Liaison Officers the following sections have appointed a Section Disability Liaison Officer you can contact to discuss disability related issues.

    Role of the Section Disability Liaison Officer

    The Section Disability Liaison Officer:

    • has a knowledge of the relevant section’s policies and procedures
    • can act as a link between the section and the Student Services Hub; you can disclose, or discuss your needs, confidentially to them
    • can liaise with members of staff in the section, if appropriate, about students’ disability related difficulties
    • can assist if you feel the reasonable adjustments recommended are not being implemented by the section