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Our team of advisers are based within your Student Services Hub and can provide information, advice and guidance on a range of topics from accommodation and funding to exam stress and wellbeing. Drop us a line or pay us a visit.


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  • Student Documentation Ordering System

    The Student Documentation Ordering System enables you to order a range of documents, including:

    • academic transcripts
    • award certificates
    • award confirmation letters
    • certificate of registration
    • DOATAP award confirmation letters
    • Council Tax certificates

  • Student Request Portal

    The Student Request Portal contains a range of online forms including:

    • changing course
    • intermission
    • special syllabus
    • extensions (postgraduate taught only)

  • Jury service

    If you receive a summons for jury service then you are legally obliged to attend court unless you can give a good reason as to why you can not or should not attend.

    Deferring jury service

    You may be able to defer your jury service until after you have completed your studies at the University. If you would like to do this you will need to apply to the Summoning Officers stating the reason/s why you feel you are unable to attend at the present time.

    Attending jury service

    Jury service normally lasts for ten days although this can be extended if the trial takes longer: the jurors are expected to attend the full duration of the trial. In light of this the University recommends that students who wish to accept jury service (or whose application to defer has been refused) should intermit from their studies at the University until the next possible start date. (For most undergraduate students this will be the following September/October).

  • Further information and services

  • Research degrees

    Research degrees with co-supervision at another institution

    Postgraduate research degrees with co-supervision at another institution fall into two categories:

    1. on an individual study by student basis – approved by the Head of Department and overseen by the Research Team
    2. through the development of an academic partnership for an agreed number of students to be enrolled each year – managed through the Partnerships team

    Individual students

    The majority of arrangements are made on a student by student basis and the requirements are outlined in the higher degree regulations under the section relating to the conduct of research outside the UK. For new or existing students undertaking an MPhil or PhD at Essex a request to spend a period of time outside the UK should be made to the student’s Head of Department for approval. A co-supervisor will be set-up at the visiting institution and visits by University staff will be made.

    Students from an international institution may apply to spend a period of time at the University of Essex as a visiting research student. Students should contact the department that they would like to join in the first instance, where their field of research and the supervision arrangements will be considered. There are specific fees for visiting research students, which cover supervision and access to IT and the library facilities at the University.

    Multiple numbers of students

    Where an arrangement is proposed with an international institution for multiple numbers of research students either from the University of Essex to study at the international institution each year or for research students from the international institution to enrol with the University of Essex (or a combination of both), the process for forming a new partnership will be followed. This is managed by the Partnerships team. Once approved the ongoing monitoring and review of the partnership and provision will be conducted in line with arrangements for the oversight of partnership activity.