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University of Essex Data Protection Act 1998

Statement relating to exam results online

The University has a notification under the Data Protection Act 1998 to hold personal data about its students. This data includes exam results, which will be held securely at all times, accessible online by password only. Disclosure to a third party outside the University will only take place in accordance with the Act. Please note that the Act does allow the University to disclose exams results to a third party where it is in your legitimate interests to do so. This may include prospective employers who require verification of your qualifications, or other educational establishments if, at the end of your time at the University, you decide to undertake studies elsewhere. Under these circumstances, the identity of the applicant requesting the results and the purpose for which the request is made will always be verified before any disclosure is made.

Information Manager
June 2004

University of Essex policies - Data Protection Act 1998