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13 October 2009

Age Concern and Help The Aged fund research into Alzheimer's

Colchester Campus

Research into Ageing, the medical research arm of Age Concern and Help the Aged has announced funding into Alzheimer ’s disease, which could benefit some of the thousands of people who live with disease.

The research, being carried out by Dr Jody Mason at the University of Essex, will use cutting-edge technology to establish whether medical interventions can be made to potentially slow down or even stop Alzheimer’s from progressing. It is hoped that similar technology could be applied to other neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s.

Dr Jody Mason who is leading the research commented: “We know that people with Alzheimer’s have a build up of abnormal protein clumps and fibres in the brain that are not present in a healthy brain. This research aims to build on this knowledge and establish if a medical intervention can be made which could neutralise the effect of the abnormalities, in order to slow down or even stop the progress of Alzheimer’s.”

Professor James Goodwin, Head of Research at Age Concern and Help the Aged who are funding the study said, “With our ageing population it is predicted that over a million people will suffer with dementia by 2025. Unfortunately this vital area of public health receives only minimal funding compared to other diseases, which is why we are delighted to support such important research.”

Notes to Editors

Research into Ageing, the medical research arm of Age Concern and Help the Aged, funds research into the causes, prevention and treatment of diseases and disabilities that become more common with age. In order to continue and extend this important research, it urgently needs funds. To donate to Research into Ageing please call 0207 239 1984 or visit

Age Concern England and Help the Aged have joined together to form a single charity dedicated to improving the lives of older people.

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