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26 November 2015

Director of Liberty joins annual Essex human rights events

Human Rights Week 2015

University of Essex Chancellor Shami Chakrabarti will join students in a poignant annual event marking International Human Rights Day on 10 December.

The ‘chalking of the steps’ with articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and reading of those articles by members of the University community, recognises the University’s and its students’ commitment to advancing human rights.

The use of chalk, which is left to fade naturally over time, reflects the vulnerability of human rights, which can only be sustained through both individual and state protection and promotion.

This year Ms Chakrabarti, who is Director of Liberty, will leave her mark in chalk on the central steps at the University’s Colchester Campus, before meeting with students to talk about women’s rights.

The event, starting at 9.30am on 10 December, marks the end of a week-long programme of activities organised by Essex’s Human Rights Society which also includes student debates, film screenings, a fundraising dinner, and a question and answer session with Professor Sir Nigel Rodley, Chair of Essex's Human Rights Centre and formerly the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Find out more about the Human Rights Society events through their Facebook page.

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