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26 November 2015

Essex spin-out UltraSoC wins top European award

UltraSoC Chief Executive Rupert Baines, centre, receives the award on the night

Spin-out company UltraSoC has been named Best New Company at the 2015 Elektra Awards.

The Awards recognise outstanding achievement within the European electronics industry including new products, technology innovation and company performance.

UltraSoC was spun-out from the universities of Essex and Kent in 2008 and is now the leading provider of on-chip monitoring and analytics solutions for complex systems-on-chips (SoCs). The technology developed by UltraSoC is transforming the way companies are developing and delivering next-generation electronic devices and systems.

UltraSoC’s Chief Scientist and co-founder Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier, from the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Essex, said: “We are delighted that UltraSoC has been recognised in this way, it clearly shows that the industry recognises the pressing need for our universal debug technology in SoC development."

UltraSoC Chief Executive Rupert Baines said: “I’m immensely proud to be able to accept this award on behalf of the entire UltraSoC team.

“The market is already recognising the value of on-chip monitoring and analytics in SoC design, in particular in addressing the engineering crisis posed by increasing complexity and the move to multicore. It’s great to also be recognised by our peers within the industry.

“The next year promises to be even more exciting for UltraSoC, as we demonstrate that our technology not only offers a better way of designing and debugging chips; it also allows SoC teams to innovate with new features.”

The latest technology from cars to smartphones depend on SoCs, a single computer chip which brings together the major components that make a device tick. These SoCs are becoming incredibly complex – with multiple processor blocks, interconnect and software – and this means design teams are finding it tough to understand their operation using conventional means.

This is where UltraSoC's debugging and analytics technology comes in as it can help accelerate time-to-market, reduces bugs and helps increase performance. UltraSoC products also simplify the SoC design team’s tasks of system integration and deliver performance analysis and enhancement.

UltraSoC allows engineering teams to understand what is really happening inside their SoCs, non-intrusively and at wirespeed, taking account of complex interactions between hardware blocks and system software. This enables them to control and monitor the behavior of any on-chip structure – a processor, third-party block, custom logic or bus – in active operation. This creates a universal debug capability with faster, more reliable development; a capability that extends out of the lab and allows performance profiling and optimisation, even after a SoC has been deployed in an end product.

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