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08 October 2015

Essex through the eyes of two Study Abroad students

Study Abroad students

More than 250 students from around the world have arrived at our campuses this year through the Essex Abroad scheme.

Clare Wilson from Melbourne, Australia, and Sydney Joyner from San Diego, California, arrived just two weeks ago and they already feel at home.

“The University of Essex is absolutely gorgeous and the residents are so welcoming and friendly. It really helped ease the transition as I’ve never been this far from home before. I have even joined various societies as this is something we don’t have at my university back home and I am very excited to see what the activities will be like,” said Sydney, who is doing a BA in Musical Theatre back in California.

Clare, a law and psychology student, added: “I felt a little anxious at first, but I met so many wonderful people during my first week here. It is such an exciting and lively university with beautiful grounds. There's so much to explore on and off campus. What I love the most, however, is the cultural diversity!”

Clare and Sydney, like many other students, have come to the University through the Study Abroad programme. The scheme enables students and staff to widen their experience with a period of study or work at a partner institution across the globe.

Sydney said: “The Study Abroad team was beyond helpful throughout the whole process and my person of contact Lynn Baird provided me with all the support I needed. I know it takes a group of people as helpful as her to make the Study Abroad programme so successful.”

They are now looking forward to starting the term and hoping to see snow for the first time!

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