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09 September 2015

Human Performance Unit testing CloudTag’s wearable personal health monitoring technology

The Human Performance Unit at the University of Essex has started independent user testing for the latest version of CloudTag’s wearable technology for monitoring personal health, wellbeing and fitness.

CloudTag has already successfully completed an internal testing programme to optimise the proprietary sensors and cutting edge algorithms developed with partner Imec International.

The external testing phase at the Human Performance Unit includes a complete range of functional, user and system tests. The tests will cover a range of physical activities with participants going through a strict testing protocol while recording and analysing data from the wearable product, benchmarking performance against the appropriate “gold standard” measurement in each area. CloudTag is on track to launch the product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2016.

Chief Executive Amit Ben-Haim, CEO at Cloudtag Inc said: “I am delighted we are working with the Human Performance Unit at the University of Essex, which is a highly respected independent testing and research centre. They will put our latest hardware device through robust tests to ensure we are delivering on CloudTag’s vision to bring accurate data to the consumer market.”

Chris McManus, Manager of the Human Performance Unit said: “We are delighted to support CloudTag’s testing programme and to be conducting user tests on CloudTag’s behalf. Our team of academics, researchers and sports scientists working on the project include individuals who are leaders in their field and at the cutting-edge of research.”

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