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15 June 2015

Honoured for helping to keep students safe for 23 years

Andy and Julie Snell

Andy and Julie Snell

Former Colchester Campus Security Supervisor Andy Snell has been honoured by the University for 23 years’ service helping students to stay safe.

Andy, who retired last year, served as a Patrol Officer and Security Supervisor for nearly half of the University’s existence.

He supported thousands of students in their living and learning experiences at all times of day and all times of year – including regularly working on Christmas Day to allow colleagues with children to enjoy Christmas at home.

On Friday 12 June he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the University by Registrar and Secretary Bryn Morris, who said: “A significant responsibility for ensuring our community remains safe, secure and happy falls to our Patrol Officers and their supervisors.

“There are times when students’ behaviour requires a firm hand...but there are also times when an experienced and empathetic patrol officer knows that a different approach is required. An approach which understands that our students are learning to live independently; learning to build relationships, learning to live with others; learning how to take responsibility.”

Andy joined the University in 1990, when Essex’s annual intake of new students was just 900. During his service it rose to more than 4,000.

He said: “It’s good for the security staff to be recognised. They are such a great bunch to work with and there’s so much camaraderie. It’s a great job because you don’t know what’s going to happen, or what’s around the corner.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. I believe if you treat people the way you want to be treated, and go out of your way to help them, then you can’t go far wrong.”

Working at the University became a family affair for Andy, with two of his brothers also joining the campus patrol staff, and he met his wife Julie, who works in the School of Biological Sciences, on campus.

Andy was presented with his award certificate by Chancellor Shami Chakrabarti, during the Annual Meeting of the University.

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