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27 April 2015

Bestselling book asks 'Who Governs Britain?'

Who Governs Britain?

Who Governs Britain?

The new book by Professor Anthony King in the Department of Government is riding high in the Amazon bestseller charts and picking up praise from the national press.

Who Governs Britain? looks at the way the British system of government has been transformed in recent decades – far more than most of us realise. Professor King offers an assessment of Britain's governing arrangements as a whole and provides much needed context for the 2015 general election.

The book is number one in Amazon’s top 10 for two categories of books – ‘UK Politics’ and ‘Political Structure and Processes’.

In The Sunday Times, journalist and broadcaster Sir Max Hastings describes Who Governs Britain? as an “excellent book on the changing face of power in Britain today”.

He adds: “Britain, King concludes, is not nearly as badly governed as much of the world, but could do much better if politicians of all parties acknowledged realities, prominent among them their own limitations. His recipes seem far too sensible to find favour with any party, any time soon.”

The Daily Telegraph has given the book a four-star review with author and critic Nicholas Blincoe commenting: “King may not have a solution, but he certainly shows that the UK has a terrific problem.”

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