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20 February 2015

Art at the House:Elements of Nature

Colchester Campus

The Ropes Wivenhoe

 Wivenhoe House is launching its exciting Art at the House project by hosting Gallery Argentum’s forthcoming exhibition ‘Elements of Nature’.

The powerful exhibition includes works by some of the leading UK artists living in Wivenhoe and the surrounding Essex and Suffolk countryside.

Taking as its starting point the visual power of nature, this exhibition shows the beauty of the landscape surrounding Wivenhoe House and the artistic ground-breaking legacy that was left by John Constable in our region. Some of the celebrated local artists participating in this exhibition include Anthony Jones, David Trenow, Rebekah Stovold, Paul Richardson and Allan Williams.

The works contrast dramatically, varying from abstract interpretations of the land and sea using a visual language of shapes, forms and lines, to more traditional forms of art which set out to achieve a literal and more representational view of a subject.

General manager at Wivenhoe House Oliver Brown said: ”We are looking forward to this innovative venture. The parkland setting and historic background to this grand building make it an ideal setting for works of art which hotel guests can enjoy during their stay. We also anticipate that local art lovers will enjoy viewing the works in these surroundings.”

Giuseppe D’Anna, Director of Colchester-based Argentum Gallery, is equally delighted: “Our aim is to show the artists’ work in a range of diverse locations rather than the elitist confines of the conventional gallery and Wivenhoe House is just what we have been looking for.”

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