Students Staff

21 November 2014

Boundary Road

Colchester Campus

Boundary Road is a private road owned by the University of Essex which bisects the University campus, and it is not open to through traffic.

It was closed 20 years ago following two fatalities and a number of accidents and near misses. Our University’s student population has more than doubled since then, and three large student accommodation complexes have been built nearby. Large numbers of students cross, and cycle on, Boundary Road at all times of day and night. The safety and welfare of our students and staff is at the heart of everything we do, and it is far too dangerous to allow through traffic. It is permanently closed to public access and general traffic.

During the current period of roadworks on Clingoe Hill (20 November – 2 December 2014), Boundary Road is not open as a public diversion route for the reasons above. Please do not attempt to use this route, which is barrier controlled.

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