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23 October 2014

Find out how your big data can be used for research

Researchers at the University of Essex want to hear your views on the use of personal data for research.

The Southend community are invited to take part in an open discussion at the University’s Gateway Building (Southend Campus) on 4 November, 12noon-4.30pm.

The event, ‘Big Data and Confidentiality,’ is part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) annual Festival of Social Science. Data experts will be on hand to provide information, and answer questions, about how big data, that is collected by businesses and local government organisations, can be used by researchers to better understand society and shape policy.

The event is being led by Professor Vania Sena, Director of the ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre at the University. She said: “We need to reassure the public that the current techniques used to ensure confidentiality can help researchers analyse data – with the clear knowledge that private information about individuals will not be made public.”

Experts at the event will address concerns about the use of personal information, leaks and hacking, and reassure the public that researchers using big data can benefit society, for instance by supporting local government decisions.

‘Big Data and Confidentiality’ is free to attend. You can book online, or for further information contact Kirsti Badcock, telephone: 01206 873857 or email:


More information

For further information, please contact the University of Essex Communications Office, telephone: 01206 873529 or email:

The ESRC is investing £64 million into big data, including four Administrative Data Research Centres – on each in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – and the Administrative Data Service at the University of Essex, which together make up the Administrative Data Research Network.

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