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16 October 2014

Podcast series showcases research excellence

Colchester Campus

Professor Todd Landman and Chris Garrington

Professor Todd Landman and Chris Garrington

Professor Todd Landman’s ongoing human rights research has been showcased in a special podcast series.

In the podcasts Professor Landman talks about his work on studying human rights, social science methods and corporate values. The podcasts are aimed to raise awareness about human rights analysis for students, academic researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in the field of human rights.

Professor Landman, who is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, explained: “Increasingly, academic colleagues, practitioners and policy makers are looking for new ways to engage with research findings and new ideas. Creating a podcast series allowed me to really think about the overall themes that orient my work, and to talk about my work in ways that appeal to a broader audience.”

Chris Garrington, of Research Podcasts, who compiled the podcasts added: “It can be a challenge for academics to get new and non-academic audiences interested in their work. Podcasting is a great way to achieve that - people can access and listen to them at their convenience. For the academic it is an opportunity to showcase and share their work without creating a lot of additional work for themselves.”


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