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14 October 2014

TEDx University of Essex to showcase the promise of research

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TEDx University of Essex launches on Tuesday 21 October

The University of Essex loves sharing its ideas so we are celebrating our 50th anniversary by holding our first TEDx University of Essex event at the Lakeside Theatre on our Colchester Campus from 10am to 5pm on Tuesday 21 October.

This first TEDx event has proved so popular that tickets were booked up in just 30 minutes, but people across Essex and around the world can still watch the event when it is streamed live online.

Leading academics from across our University community will be coming together to talk about the issues they care about and spark
passionate conversations and debates.

They will be covering everything from the rise of robot warriors and how we can save our planet to the fight for our rights and multiculturalism.

If you didn’t manage to book a ticket don’t worry as you can watch it live online. Please remember though that you can only watch the event live online and it will not be available on the University website afterwards.

TEDx events reflect the spirit of TED's mission of "ideas worth spreading" and supports independent organisers to create a TED-like event in their own community.

TEDx University of Essex is themed around ‘Promise Through Research’. There will be a chance to watch live mini-lectures from our top academics plus award-winning student Yasmin Afina, who spoke at the United Nations earlier this year.

Professor Todd Landman, Executive Dean for the Faculty of Social Science, who will be speaking at the event said: “There is incredible enthusiasm for this event and we are very excited about this opportunity to share our ideas. We hope this is the first of many TEDx events which we hope will encourage discussions around the world and allow more and more people to connect with our research.”

Speakers include:

  • Professor Todd Landman - The Promise of Human Rights
  • Dr Neli Demireva - Multiculturalism: Wanted, Dead or Alive
  • Professor Pamela Cox - Why We Need a New Working Women’s Charter
  • Professor Noam Lubell - Robot Warriors: Technology and the Regulation of War
  • Professor Maria Fasli - Analysing and Modelling Complex and Big Data
  • Professor Aletta Norval - Public Faces
  • Yasmin Afina - Brain Drain: A New Perspective
  • Professor Arnold Wilkins - Colour Helps Us See
  • Professor Jules Pretty - Feeding the World, Saving the Planet
  • Dr Natasha Ezrow - Authoritarian Breakdown: How Dictators Fall
  • Professor Paul Hunt - Reclaiming Social Rights
  • Dr Jeffrey Howard - Moral Disagreement and the Ethics of Citizenship

We’ll be planning more TEDx events in the future so if you want to be added to our mailing list let us know by emailing:

Find out more about our TEDx speakers and for extra information about the event visit our 50th anniversary website

TEDx University of Essex Promise through research. Tuesday 21 October, 10am to 5pm. Lakeside Theatre, Colchester Campus.

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