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11 August 2009

Student satisfaction continues to rise

Essex students continue to show high levels of satisfaction

Essex students continue to show high levels of satisfaction with the quality of their courses, exceeding the national average scores in most categories of the National Student Survey (NSS).

Eighty-five per cent of Essex students expressed overall satisfaction with their course, compared with a national average of 81 per cent. The University is particularly pleased to have recorded two per cent improvements in satisfaction levels with Assessment and feedback (up to 65 per cent) and Academic support (up to 76 per cent).

The results of the fifth annual National Student Survey, published on 6 August, confirmed a gradual and continuous improvement in satisfaction levels at Essex.

Essex exceeded the national averages in four of the six categories:

● 84 per cent of Essex students were satisfied with ‘the teaching on my course’ (national average 83 per cent);
●76 per cent satisfied with ‘Academic support’ (nationally 74 per cent);
● 77 per cent satisfied with ‘Organisation and management’ (nationally 72 per cent)
● 81 per cent satisfied with Learning resources (80 per cent nationally).

The National Student Survey covers final year undergraduates and was completed by more than 223,000 students at 155 higher education institutions and 117 further education colleges.

The University of Essex also conducts its own Student Satisfaction Survey to collect the views of undergraduate and postgraduate students not captured by the NSS. The University takes students’ views seriously as it seeks to maintain and improve quality standards and the student experience.

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