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20 May 2014

Bafta recognition for East 15 graduate

East 15 graduate Arsher Ali is one of the stars of Bafta winning film Complicit.

On Sunday night Complicit was named winner of the best single drama category at the prestigious annual awards.

The Channel 4 film focuses on Edward Ekubo, a British MI5 agent, who has been monitoring a suspected terrorist in the UK for three years called Waleed Ahmed, played by Arsher.

This is the launch pad for an ethical thriller by celebrated screenwriter Guy Hibbert which looks in-depth at the use of torture in the investigation of alleged terrorists.

Arsher said on the Channel 4 website: “There was something in this which I thought I could work from and things being said in it which I was supportive of. I felt it was doing things in the right way and saying something.”

He has previously been known for comic roles including his performance in Four Lions directed by Chris Morris, but Complicity shows the strength of his abilities.

“It was a massive challenge being pretty much my first serious dramatic part,” he said.

Arsher, who graduated from East 15 in 2006, has gained incredible critical praise recognition for his role in Complicit and also received the Outstanding Actor Award for Complicit at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival.

Watch Arsher Ali discuss his role on the Complicit website.

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