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16 July 2009

End of double trouble for lecturers

The Fitzgerald brothers, the Crossleys and the Hopgood twins

Sports Science lecturers at the University of Essex breathed a sigh of relief yesterday as three sets of identical twins graduated from the University ending their three-year struggle to tell the siblings apart.

Staff in Essex’s Centre for Sports and Exercise were on hand to congratulate Jackie and Joy Crossley from Ipswich, Rob and Chris Hopgood from Chelmsford, and James and Scott Fitzgerald from Tiptree as they each picked up a BSc in Sports Science.

For the Hopgood twins, it was never an option not to go to the same university. ‘We are both so similar and both like the same things, so when we looked around Essex it seemed right for us and we didn’t want to go where the other one wasn’t,’ explained Rob. ‘We have both had a really good time here and can’t believe it has gone so quickly.’

Whilst being identical caused problems at first, Rob said friends and lecturers got to tell them apart.

The Crossley twins have also enjoyed their time at Essex. They both had the University as one of their choices, but when they both got conditional offers for Essex, they decided to go together.

‘It has been such fun here,’ explained Jackie. ‘I am so sorry for people who do not get the chance to experience university life. They say your time at university are the best years of your life and we have found the whole experience amazing.’


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