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27 January 2014

Find out if local food can make us feel better

A report on the link between local food and well-being will be launched by the Essex Sustainability Institute (ESI) on Wednesday 29 January 2014.

A team of researchers from the ESI have been gathering evidence from the East of England and will unveil their findings at a celebration of local food hosted by The Minories Galleries in Colchester.

The team includes Professor Steffen Böhm, Dr Zareen Bharucha and David Watson, and the research was supported by the East of England Co-operative Society and the British Academy.

Professor Böhm said: “We have explored whether participating in local food projects, such as box schemes, allotments and community supported agriculture, has an impact on people’s well-being, and if so, why?

“Over the course of 18 months, we have reviewed the available evidence, undertaken a survey study, and talked to people from all over Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

“We hope our findings will be a valuable contribution to people interested in local food, individual’s health and well-being and growing our local economies.”

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