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17 January 2014

Another viral success for student’s Southend film

A time-lapse video by University of Essex student Morten Rustad is proving another social media sensation after the BSc Business Management student turned his camera lens and fast-paced editing skills on Southend.

Southend-on-Sea Time-Lapse (Hyperlapse) from Rustad Media on Vimeo.

Last year Morten received an incredible response to his online videos of the University’s Colchester Campus – offering a fresh take on its iconic buildings, its historic parkland setting and the beautiful surrounding countryside. This year, he has captured the energy and excitement of the Southend Campus and so far his video has been watched close to 5,000 times in just three days - receiving a fantastic response from online viewers.

Morten said: “This was a totally different challenge for me as the Southend Campus is very different from the Colchester one, situated in a lively, urban environment close to the seaside. While my two videos of the Colchester Campus focused on the landscape, this time-lapse covers the urban aspect with more up-tempo music, moving time-lapses, called hyperlapses, and a more aggressive editing.”

Laura Shephard, Digital Marketing Officer at Essex, said: "Once again Morten’s video is generating huge interest from students and staff plus graduates from around the world. The video is incredible and surpassed our expectations – he has managed to capture the vibrancy of our Southend Campus and the town.”

Morten's video has been widely shared through Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. The full-length video can be watched on Morten's Vimeo channel.

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