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19 June 2009

Migration research - grant success

Colchester Campus

Dr Ayse Güveli from the Department of Sociology and Dr Lucinda Platt from the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) are to collaborate on two major studies looking into the impacts of migration in Europe after being involved in successful bids for substantial research funding.

Grants totalling 5.5 million Euros have just been awarded for the two projects by NORFACE (New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe), a partnership between fourteen research councils to increase co-operation in research and research policy in Europe.

Dr Güveli and Dr Platt will work with colleagues from Turkey, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany on the first project, /LineUp – 500 Families: Migration Histories of Turks in Europe,/ which will explore migration processes, the multi-generational transmission of social, cultural, religious and economic resources, values and behaviour.

The research will be based around 500 Turkish families, their immigrant descendants in Europe and those who remained in Turkey, and will involve face to face interviews with some 6000 family members across four generations.

Dr Güveli and Dr Platt are also part of the research team for a second project looking at the causes and consequences of early socio-cultural integration processes among new immigrants in Europe focusing on Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Great Britain.  

A third project that has been successful in this round of funding by NORFACE also involves an ISER researcher. Simonetta Longhi is part of a team reseraching Migrant Diversity and Regional Disparity in Europe,. The project involves teams from 5 countries: the Netherlands Germany, UK, Estonia and Finland.

The project, which will combine a regional-level analysis of migrant diversity and regional disparity, and a comparative dynamic micro-level analysis of migrant diversity and individual wellbeing, will analyse the extent to which the scale of migration and the diversity of migrant populations affect socio-economic outcomes in host European countries and regions.

All three projects will last for four years.

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