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09 December 2013

How to get 'more crop per drop' topic for Café Scientifique

How the University of Essex has responded to the key global challenge of developing crops which use water more efficiently is the focus of this week's Café Scientifique at The Minories on Wednesday (11 December).

Ever since Kofi Anan coined the above phrase in 2010 scientists all over the world have been seeking new and exciting methods of understanding how plants use water. Lorna McAusland from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Essex will explain how scientists at the University have come up with a method of selecting plants that use water more efficiently.

The imaging process provides scientists with a tool to show how entire plants use water leading to the selection of plants best suited to regional climates. In the future this technology will help farmers make better use of limited water resources and produce food essential for the rapidly increasing world population. The research has highlighted plants with fascinating and unusual responses to the environment.

There will be ample opportunity for questions and discussion afterwards.
Admission is free.

Café Scientifique, which started in Leeds in 1998, is a forum aimed at bringing the public and scientists together to learn about and discuss current scientific issues.

The Colchester Café Scientifique is sponsored by the University of Essex. The speakers give their time free of charge.
Further information from Ray White on 01621 891598.

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