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14 October 2013

Showcase for University of Essex’s work with business and public sector

The University of Essex has published a series of case studies to highlight successful projects completed by its academics in partnership with the public and private sectors.

The case studies developed by the University’s Research and Enterprise Office show how Essex academics can help companies and other organisations increase productivity, develop new technologies, analyse business problems, create innovative strategies and deliver bespoke training programmes.

Emma Hewett, from the Research and Enterprise Office, said: “We work with a huge range of organisations from international businesses to small and medium enterprises, from local councils through to national governments, and from small-scale voluntary organisations to charities which are household names. We believe our expertise can make a difference and these case studies offer a snapshot of how our flexible approach can really help businesses and organisations in the East of England and beyond.”

Case studies cover a whole range of sectors and projects from using artificial intelligence to improve working practices to collaborating on digital film archives.

Other projects include providing training to Ugandan MPs on developing oil and gas regulation, and developing courses to help social care professionals to understand the implications of new legislation in the UK.

The case studies include:

  • Artificial intelligence improves paper counting technology
  • Artificial intelligence used as aid for social care recruitment
  • Energy audit software saves time and increases profits
  • Collaboration develops unique digital film archive
  • Intelligent mail server prototype developed with Essex expertise
  • Training Ugandan MPs about oil and gas industry legislation
  • How philosophy research impacts public policy
  • How philosophy is improving social care training
  • Academic research helps council understand needs of vulnerable residents

The University is involved in a whole range of research projects in partnership with businesses, councils and other bodies.

The eight case studies can be read online or downloaded as printable PDF versions. Hard copies are also available from the REO. Further case studies will be released in the coming year.

For more information about how working with the University of Essex can help your business or organisation, contact: 01206 872925 or email:

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