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19 July 2013

From CID to PhD success for art history graduate

Dr Bill Teatheredge

Dr Bill Teatheredge

After 20 years as a Detective Constable in Essex Police Bill Teatheredge turned his investigative skills into academic success after gaining a first class degree, Masters with Distinction and this year successfully completing his PhD in Art History at the University of Essex. He received his doctorate at this week’s graduation ceremonies.

His PhD thesis focused on 15th century master Botticelli and his painting the Primavera.

He said: "This painting has always been seen as enigmatic but I tried to put it within the mainstream of early renaissance art. To do so I took into account a wide range of imagery of the period which included tapestries, illuminated manuscripts and frescoes. I also read ancient, contemporary and chivalric literature; took into account music, theatre and dance. It has been one hell of a journey! I have been very privileged to visit some of the most beautiful cities and art work in Italy."

Bill now hopes to use his qualification to work as a lecturer, writer or within a gallery

He said: “Art history at Essex is a very knowledgeable, friendly environment. I was supervised by a world leading professor in Professor Jules Lubbock and had huge support from the rest of the lecturers. During my time at Essex I have also met people from all over the world."

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