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13 May 2013

Celebrating the wonder of plants

Colchester Campus

Plant scientists from the University are joining forces with garden experts from Beth Chatto Gardens for a special event celebrating gardening and science.

As part of the second International Fascination of Plants Day, the event on Friday 17 May will include talks and guided walks by garden experts and scientific activities relating to the science of plants and how they can survive in drought conditions.

During the event at Beth Chatto Gardens, in Elmstead Market, scientists will show how thermal imaging can demonstrate water efficiency in plants and explain why some plants can thrive in drought conditions. They will also be showcasing the latest plant-based research taking place at the University including helping to address global challenges such as food security and plant productivity to help meet the challenge of feeding the world’s booming population.

Events and presentations will take place from 10am-4pm and are free. The guided walks of the Gardens will include the Gravel Garden which features plants selected by nature to survive drought and poor soil conditions.

The International Fascination of Plants Day features events around the world to celebrate the importance of plants in our lives and landscapes.

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