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29 February 2012

Chinese-English translation, interpreting and subtitling courses launched

The University is responding to the growing demand for professional Chinese translators and interpreters in the UK, China and around the world by launching four new courses from this year.

The Department of Language and Linguistics is developing the MA and Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) courses to combine translation, interpreting and subtitling in a single programme. This unique approach will ensure students have the diverse skills they need for the modern world of work and can move quickly between different language tasks.

The University is also offering five competitive scholarships worth £1,000 each to prospective students applying to take one of the new Chinese-English translation and interpreting courses. The deadline for applications for the scholarships is Friday 27 April 2012.

Those interested in the courses can find out more at a postgraduate open day on Wednesday 14 March from 5 to 7pm.

Course director for the Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting courses Professor Roger Hawkins said: “From this year, students will be able to train in environments that mirror those in which professional translators and interpreters work, using industry-standard translation and subtitling software. The courses are highly practical and give students the hands-on experience they will need for the workplace afterwards,”

The courses are:

  • • Postgraduate Diploma Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting
  • • MA Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting
  • • MA Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling
  • • MA Translation and Literature

The rise of China as an economic superpower and the globalisation of business have opened up many opportunities for people with the right language skills. Translators and interpreters are needed across a wide range of professions including law, medicine, business and government.

The approach being developed at Essex will help students develop the skills to move accurately and quickly between languages and respond easily to different business and professional contexts where precision and speed are essential.

Full details about the new courses on the Department of Language and Linguistics website.


For more information please contact the University of Essex Communications Office on 01206 874377.

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