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13 October 2008

Panel discussion on financial crisis

Colchester Campus

An expert panel from the University of Essex will discuss the current financial crisis from a local, national and global perspective at a public event this week.

Chaired by Professor John Packer of the University’s Human Rights Centre, the Panel, entitled ‘The Financial Crisis, Accountability and Human Rights’, will discuss the nature of the crisis, its origins, individual and public responsibilities, and how citizens can become involved in a programme of reforms.

Members of the public are invited to attend the panel discussion, which takes place in the Lecture Theatre Building (LTB 5) at the Wivenhoe Park Campus on Wednesday 15 October from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.

Professor Prem Sikka from the Essex Business School at the University, Professor Sheldon Leader from the School of Law, Professor Sheri Markose from the Department of Economics, and Professor Robin Blackburn from the Department of Sociology, will give short presentations and take questions and comments from the audience.

Professor Packer said: ‘The current financial crisis threatens to engulf not only local and national, but global economies. There will be many innocent casualties losing their jobs, homes, savings, pensions and investments. The plight of people in developing countries will be even worse. The impact on human rights will be unavoidable.

‘These problems pose fundamental challenges to corporate governance, modes of accountability and institutions of democracy. This panel of University of Essex scholars will address basic questions about the crisis and consider how citizens can become involved in developing a programme of reforms, based on bedrocks of justice, fairness, accountability and democracy.’

Admission is free to the public. For further information about the event, please contact Rebecca Milburn, Human Rights Centre Secretary, telephone: 01206 872558 or e-mail:

For further information please contact the University of Essex communications office on 01206 874377 or e-mail

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