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05 August 2008

Olympics brings nationwide boost

Southend Campus

The whole of China will benefit from the Olympics says Jessica Yang of the Weigao China Research Group based at the Southend Campus of the University of Essex. 

Ms Yang of the Essex Business School said: 'Since the announcement of the Games, China has undergone a remarkable infrastructure development programme which contributes to a higher standard of living and work. As we know, China is a developing country and has had its share of problems in its development not dissimilar to the struggles experienced here in the West in the last few centuries.

'Along with the hosting of the Games is the incentive to meet international standards of environmental conservation, work and living. Beijing has carried out various measures to reduce air pollution, including the adoption of tough new EU-standard emissions levels, including more parks and greenery in city plans.'

She added: 'These actions have had a substantial change to the capital in the lead up to the Olympic Games and have also made a great impact on the citizens of Beijing. Moreover, these new standards have raised the bar for all new developments serving as an example for the rest of China to follow.'

With the Games arriving in London in 2012, British attention will not be just focussing on the sporting events in Beijing but also on potential long term benefits of hosting the Olympics.

As well as tourism, Ms Yang reports that China's modern industries, such as accounting and media have been revamped through government mandates in preparation for the Games and these will go on afterwards to exploit the huge market remaining in the rest of the country. The Games will also create a fantastic market for an already thriving appetite for sports in China, as well as travel and entertainment. It will also help nurture China's growing modern consumer market.

She concluded: 'The Games represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain the experience of managing a large scale event, under complex social circumstances, on the international stage.'

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