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23 June 2010

Essex puzzles at touch of an iPod Touch

Alexei Vernitski

Puzzles devised by academics at the University of Essex could soon be available as an iPod Touch App (Application).

A range of logical puzzles, including Circular Sudoku, have already been developed by academics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. However, they are now working on a programme to make them available in an iPod Touch/iPhone App format.

The current craze for playing puzzles and other brain training games on hand-held devices like the Nintendo DS and iPod Touch is of no surprise to the University’s Dr Alexei Vernitski.

‘These small devices with touch screens make it so convenient to play puzzles anywhere,’ he explained. ‘These devices are just ideal for puzzles.’

The University hopes to have the Apps ready by next month so they can get them approved by Apple.

Dr Vernitski, who has devised a number of puzzles, said the beauty of brain teasers was that they were good for all generations to play. ‘They are good because they warm up the brain – they improve logical thinking and short-term memory.’

To find out what puzzles the Department of Mathematical Sciences has devised visit and


Note to Editors

There is a photograph of Dr Alexei Vernitski available on request. For further information or to request the photo, please contact the University of Essex Communications Office on 01206 872400 or e-mail

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