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25 January 2010

Conference to explore Islam

Colchester Campus

Does God Exist? is the theme of a forthcoming conference organised by the University's Islamic Society. The conference is aimed at providing an opportunity for the University and local community to explore the true meaning of Islam and for inter-faith discussion.

The event has been scheduled to coincide with the Society’s 13th Islamic Awareness Week which runs from February 1 to 6 at the University campus culminating in the conference.

During the week there will be an exhibition of Islamic culture and heritage in the LTB foyer, a diversity workshop for police and local councillors at Colchester’s Town Hall, a special event for local schoolchildren, a multi-faith panel discussion on panel discussion on religion and rerrorism and evening lectures about various aspects of Islam and many other activities.

Wael Alharbi, President of the Islamic Society said: “The aim of this conference is to help bridge the gap between different faiths and communities and provide a true picture about the different aspects of Islam and dispel any misconceptions and misinformation about this great religion. We have a host of speakers including Sheikh Abdulraheem Green, Hamza Tzortzis, Surkheel Sharif and Humaira Khan who will be speaking at the conference."

All events during the week  Feb 1-6 are open to the public except the School Day on Feb 2. The Conference will be held at the University’s Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall. Places at the Conference are limited but anyone who is interested in attending can register online. Details of all other public events can also be found on the Islamic Society's website.


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