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11 October 2016

EUROMOD praised by European Commissioner in 20th anniversary message

The amazing impact of EUROMOD, based at the Institute for Social and Economic Research, was marked with a special anniversary video message from European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen.

EUROMOD is a hugely influential tax benefit microsimulation model developed by a team at ISER in collaboration from experts across the European Union.

The message from the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility was shown during the 20th anniversary conference held at Essex Business School.

In her video message Ms Thyssen said: “The importance of this project grows with every year and is highly valued by the European Commission.

“We are proud to have supported this analytical tool which has contributed to efficient policy making at national and European level.

“That means policies based on evidence with a thorough understanding of economic and social impacts.”

Ms Thyssen highlighted that EUROMOD has been used across a huge range of policy fields and is integrated into the European Union’s economic policy coordination process. It has also been used to assess the social impact of stability support for Greece and has improved insights into poverty risks in the European Union.

The video is copyright of the European Commission.

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